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The Epicentre is an educational and rehabilitative center located in New Gbawe, a western suburb of Greater Accra, Ghana. We provide special education to children and young adults with developmental disabilities and offer an inclusive early learning program and physical therapy unit for all abilities.

To contact us with any questions or enroll now, email us at epicentreghana@gmail.com or call us at 0246058329To locate our center, use these maps and directions.

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The Epicentre is a non-profit, non-governmental organization launched in 2013 to provide “only the best education and therapy” to children with developmental disabilities around Greater Accra, Ghana.

Mission & Vision:

The mission of The Epicentre is to raise the quality of special education and therapies for children and young adults with developmental disabilities in the Ga South District of Ghana by combining the best in high-quality, individualized education with community-based rehabilitation services. We also seek to reduce the stigmatization surrounding disability in our community through educational and recreational projects that benefit young adults and families in our community of all ages and abilities.

The vision of The Epicentre is to provide high-quality special education and therapies to all children living in the Greater Accra region of Ghana regardless of their family’s income-level. Our current facility in New Gbawe can hold up to forty students at full capacity, which we seek to fill by the end of 2016. After this, our hope is to expand to other locations around Greater Accra, reaching more children.

Our Story:

We opened our doors to students in September 2013.

Here is our story as told by Executive Director:

“We faced a question that many parents in our situation in Ghana do. Are there any schools that would cater positively for her particular special needs? After trying out a couple of schools with mixed results, we thought: why not do something ourselves for ourselves and, more importantly, for her? What started as a little humble abode of a second home for the family became our solution, and here we are today. In a short time, The Epicentre has begun to impact lives and the local community positively. Bad roads and long journeys have not dampened our resolve. Great things sometimes do start small!”

New Gbawe Campus:

The Epicentre’s primary campus is located in New Gbawe, a western suburb of Accra, Ghana about fifteen minutes from Mallam Station. To locate our center, use these maps and directions. Our facility has five classrooms, a physical therapy unit, a modern kitchen, spacious bathrooms, and an outdoor sports court. The center is fully accessible to children using wheelchairs or with other mobility needs.



The Epicentre is the only special education center in the whole Ga South District of Ghana. As a result, we face a high demand for services, but families in the area are often low-income and unable to afford.

Year-by-Year Growth:

2013 – 2014:

  1. The Epicentre opens its doors in September 2013 with 15 students
  2. Undertakes first community weekend summer respite camp for children with disabilities

2014 – 2015:

  1. The Epicentre enrolls 14 students for the year
  2. Starts inclusive early learning program for children (2-5) with and without disabilities
  3. Launches EWBP writing program to educate young people in the community about inclusion

2015 – 2016:

  1. The Epicentre enrolls 5 students for the year
  2. Opens an on-site physical therapy unit for students and community clients
  3. Completes construction of sports court and play area for students and programs
  4. Introduces respite program to allow commuting students to lodge at the center on week days
  5. Develops partnership with Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to offer occupational therapy services

Strengths & Challenges:

The strengths of The Epicentre:

  • State-of-the-art, newly renovated, fully accessible facility in New Gbawe
  • Dedicated founding team with strong international perspectives about disability
  • Commitment to providing “only the best” special education and therapies
  • Compared to well-established centers in Accra, The Epicentre is new and up-and-coming
  • Unlike other special that target upper-income families, we serve diverse socioeconomic backgrounds

The challenges facing The Epicentre:

  • Low-income families needing services and high-cost of providing high-quality services
  • Cultural stigmas about the world of investing in education for a child with a developmental disability
  • Road infrastructure outside of our center is inaccessible and washed-out
  • Due to poor roads, distance of travel to the center can seem high to commuters

Social Impact Reports:

“The Epicentre Turns 2.5” – Social Impact Report for September 2013 to June 2016 (Report Coming Soon)

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