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Maps & Directions

Our center is located at 1 Minna Street, New Gbawe, GS-0143-6947.

Directions from Mallam Junction (Driving):

  1. From Mallam Junction, proceed west on Mallam-Gbawe Road – you will pass Mallam Station, Melcom, New Gbawe cluster of schools
  2. Turn right on Nii Kpakpafio Road
  3. Continue forward on Nii Kpakpafio Road for about 2 km – you will go up and down two hills. Go forward until you reach Presbyterian Church Junction
  4. Turn left at Presbyterian Church Junction
  5. Proceed 1 km down this road – you will pass the Pentecost Pension House and the Presbyterian Church
  6. Turn right at the first available main road
  7. After one block, turn right again – you see The Epicentre ahead of you

Directions by tro-tro (involves a 15 minutes walk)

  1. Take a tro-tro going to Gbawe
  2. Alight at Gravel Junction
  3. Turn right into the junction and walk up the road.
  4. At the V-junction, take the road on the left
  5. Walk up until you see the signboard of the Presbyterian Church on your right
  6. Walk forward small and take the next turn right; you see The Epicentre ahead of you

Directions from Mallam Junction by shared taxi:

  1. Take a shared taxi to CP
  2. Ask the driver to alight you at Presby Junction
  3. With the Presby Junction on your left, walk forward small and take the next junction on your left (rough road)
  4. Walk down this road until you see The Epicentre on your right

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