The Epicentre is a non-profit facility that seeks to provide “only the best inclusive services” regardless of a family’s income-level. Our New Gbawe campus can educate a maximum of forty students at a time. To expand to full capacity we must generate our operating budget and make the necessary investments. To do this, we rely on individual donors, corporate sponsors, and income-generating projects.


  • Unisecurities
  • ICGC, Eagle Temple at Gbawe
  • Roche
  • IPMC
  • St Luke Anglican Church, Kwashieman

How to Support

If you want to donate funds or equipment to The Epicentre, please email us at or call us at 024-6058329 .

Our current wish list includes:

  1. Support in paving or otherwise fixing the road outside our school
  2. 33 seater bus with seat belts. Ideally a bus with a tail-lift for wheel-chair users.
  3. Physio items such as an 8ft enclosed trampoline, gym balls of various sizes, grip balls, therabands, dumb bells (2-5kgs)
  4. Sports and play equipment for children
  5. Age and thematically appropriate children’s and early learner’s books (local)
  6. Low noise generator (25-30kva) or solar installation

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