The Epicentre is a non-profit facility that seeks to provide “only the best education and therapy” regardless of a family’s income-level. Our New Gbawe campus can educate a maximum of forty students at a time. To expand to full capacity while covering all demonstrated financial needs of students at our center, we must generate our operating budget of 14,000 USD every four months. To do this, we rely on individual donors, corporate sponsors, and income-generating projects.



  • Unisecurities
  • ICGC, Eagle Temple at Gbawe
  • Roche
  • IPMC
  • St Luke Anglican Church, Kwashieman

How to Support

If you are able to donate funds or equipment to The Epicentre, please email us at or call us at 0246058329 .

Our current wish list includes:

  1. Support in paving or otherwise fixing the road outside our school
  2. 33 seater bus with seat belts. Ideally a bus with a tail-lift for wheel-chair users.
  3. Physio items such as an 8ft enclosed trampoline, gym balls of various sizes, grip balls, therabands, dumb bells (2-5kgs)
  4. Sports and play equipment for children
  5. Age and thematically appropriate children’s and early learner’s books
  6. Low noise generator (25-30kva)
  7. Heavy duty printer and photocopier for the printing materials
  8. Interactive smart board with software for dyslexia and autism

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