In addition to our work providing education and therapies to children with developmental disabilities, The Epicentre also operates a number of other projects for our community to increase awareness about disability and inclusion locally.

Epicentre Writing & Business Program (EWBP)

The Epicentre Writing & Business Program (EWBP) is an elite creative writing and business entrepreneurship program, targeting young Ghanaians especially junior high, senior high and university students that is organized by The Epicentre. The program seeks to improve creativity and critical thinking, provide practical communication skills useful in the workplace, and to increase knowledge about disability rights and inclusion. Fees generated through the program are used to support the operation of The Epicentre. Past  instructors include prominent local writers and speakers such as playwright Kobina Ansah and author Gamel Sankarl.

EWBP courses and workshops are held periodically throughout the year. View our calendar for upcoming programs being held at The Epicentre or partner institutions. If interested, please email us at, or call us at 0246058329  for program details and registration.


The Include-Play-Learn project is an on-going expansion project for The Epicentre facility in New Gbawe. So far, the project has included the construction of a play area and sports court and the establishment of a community physical therapy unit. The purpose of the project is to increase community engagement with the center by providing services and opportunities to students without disabilities – to encourage inclusive play and shared spaces. Programs using these expanded facilities also assist the center generate revenue to operate sustainably.

Weekend Respite Camps

The Epicentre holds occasional weekend respite camps for our students and children with disabilities throughout our community to come to the center for a weekend for a program of play, drama, swimming, and other fun while parents take the weekend to rest. Our first respite camp has held in August 2014.

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